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We build smart, luxurious, flexible working and living
spaces, with respect for environment.

We combine expertise and craftmanship with the latest techniques and beyond to redefine what living and working means in the 21st century.

What is a Homer

Homer: A high-end easy placeable living or working area, expandable and retractable, with a maximum inside area of 8 by 4 meter
Retracted 2.4 meter wide for easy transport
Mostly no permit needed to place in backyard
Self supporting energy possible
Site remains untouched, no alterations needed, no disruption by HOMER
Usable for a day or 30+ years
Consists of the latest smart and durable tegniques, all integrated and working together

Homer, Flexible Living and Working

Luxury 16m2 to 32m2 HOMER OFFICE or HOMER LIVING that can be placed anywhere
Fully portable and can be placed on a wide variety of ground surfaces
1 Type of HOMER OFFICE and 1 type of HOMER LIVING with different size ranges possible due to innovative segment built
Click and connect more components to grow your home
Latest “sustainable living technologies” to ensure a clean and healthy home environment
Every component used is of highest “local” and “sustainable” quality designed to create a healthy HOMER
Connected to today’s devices with the posibillity to disconnect
Be closer to nature, live at a lower expense, work close to home

Homer General Specifications

Energy generation and high-quality isolation guarantee year-round pleasure and accessibility no matter the temperature
It comes ready to use on the back of a trailer, no on-site construction needed
Quick and easy transport through innovative building: transport in rectracted mode of 2.4m width and full length
16m2 to 32m2 expandable, width set on 4m and length amendable between 4.5-8.5m
Can be placed on any surface without need for a foundation through HOMER smart self levelling™
Possibility to be fully independent of energy grid through HOMER facade heat pump system™ and HOMER optimum solar™
Comfortable temperature all year round with innovative HOMER ceiling heating™
High quality wooden walls and floors in color of your choosing
Ample window- and door space
Glass ceiling provides plenty of natural light
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Homer Living and Homer Office

Homer Living

Homer™ Office is a modern expandable and portable office space that can be placed anywhere, in your backyard or property
It has all amenities needed for home office working close to home with possibility to add extras like a toilet or kitchen or entry hall.
Fully off grid possible if there is no need for water or sewage
Elektricity and ethernet
Single antrance door and double doors to enjoy your garden
Nice wooden floor, wals and ceiling in the collors of your chosing

It has NO furniture, You have to bring your own

Homer Office

Homer™Living is a modern expandable and portable living space that can be placed anywhere, in your backyard or on property
Arrives ready to use but needs connection to sewage pipe and water supply (for now)
Designed as a private guesthouse as an extension of your home
Suitable private informal care either for independent living for elderly people or for caretakers
Fully equipped with living space, sleeping space, kitchen, bathroom and toilet
If you are in possession of a BE driver licence it is very easy to relocate your HOMER living
It is fully furnished and directly ready to move in
Nice wooden floor, wals and ceiling in the collors of your chosing

Homer Innovations

HOMER Extraction and Retraction
HOMER Smart Levelling
HOMER Modular Enclosure Elements
HOMER Next Level Heat Pump
HOMER Ceiling Heating
Low voltage energy system
HOMER Smart Solar
HOMER Smart Fusebox
HOMER Master Control
Luxurious interior finish

HOMER Estraction and Retraction and Homer Smart Leveling in action:

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For who?

Informal Care

Homer is a one-level building and has everything you need to live independently. Besides, it is very easy to place and replace. If the demand is no longer there, it can easily get a new purpose.

Pre-Informal Care

In the Netherlands, it is allowed to get a permit to house individuals aged 67 and above in your backyard. After that, it can, of course, become an informal care accommodation. And, of course, it can get another purpose afterward.

Student Housing

Homer can easily house students who cannot find proper housing close to where they study. It can be used in the same way tiny houses are being used. Moving is extremely easy. Living costs of a Homer are very low. When the study is finished, it can be used to move to the new job, a piece of land can be bought to live on, or whatever you can think of doing with it.

Young Families

The Homer is suitable for living with young children, for example, in nature. You must see the adventure in small and minimalist living. But everything is there to live well and comfortably. And if you want to go on vacation or a weekend getaway with the family, you press a button and drive away 15 minutes later, without having to pack your things.


The Homer is very easy to bring to any desired destination, without special transport, and can serve very well as a vacation home.


Collapsed, the Homer can be used as a caravan, but you slide it out when you stop and space allows. It would be easiest if you get your BE driving license for this. Then you put it on a semi-trailer with a tractor in front. It is relatively compact in the collapsed state and within the dimensions to travel all over Europe.

Durable, with a Low Footprint

The Homer is built as sustainably as possible, and we continue to innovate. Every material has been carefully considered, and it consumes very little energy. So little, in fact, that you don’t even need to be connected to utilities. With the Homer, all your housing-related energy concerns are solved. And you are still provided with all the conveniences.

Pilot project

What are the posibillities?

tandwielen voor uitschuiven Homer

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